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MathScore Full Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

When used as a full math curriculum, MathScore will save you a lot of time because it is paperless, instantly grades student work and provides appropriate solution explanations. Your children will learn at the fastest pace they can handle, often faster than the pace of public school environments.

MathScore is Effective

MathScore is a no-nonsense, non-fluffy system that enables students to learn and practice traditional math concepts efficiently and easily. Developed by MIT graduates, MathScore is proven to increase test scores, and is used by a wide variety of homeschoolers and K-12 public and private schools. MathScore fully supports 2nd grade through Algebra I, and is often used by 1st graders.

How MathScore Works

The following HTML-based demos walk you through the features of MathScore at your own pace. Look for the "Next" link on the top right of the demos to easily move from slide-to-slide.
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By the way, we recently introduced a cumulative score feature that makes MathScore fun for most children and makes it easier for you to set goals.

Instant Free Trial

MathScore is 100% Internet-based and requires absolutely no installation, not even a plug-in. You will create 1 parent account for yourself and then create student accounts for your children. The free trial will last half a month if you add 1 student account.

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For best results, we recommend that you have your children do the following upon getting started:
  1. Achieve Typing Efficiency: Score a rating of 100 on both Copy Cat Preparation and Copy Cat without looking at the keyboard.
  2. Master the Math Facts: Score a rating of 100 on all of the "Fast" topics, such as "Fast Multiplication" and "Fast Addition".
  3. Work on the curriculum at your discretion.
The importance of mastering math facts before tackling difficult math concepts cannot be overstated. This importance was highlighted not only by the NCTM's Curriculum Focal Points (September 12, 2006), but also by the more recent National Math Panel (March 13, 2008). Even if it takes your child months to master the math facts, the time you invest in these skills will be worth every second.

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" is just what we were looking for."
- Greg Martin, parent
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