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Here are some tips for Money Subtraction, which aligns with Florida state standards:

Money Subtraction

The Money Subtraction topic is the same as the Money Addition topic, except with subtraction.
To review the Money Addition topic, see here.

To do this topic, you need to know long subtraction and estimated subtraction.
To review the Long Subtraction topic, see here.
To review the Estimated Subtraction topic, see here.

Example 1:

Subtract and Estimate.
- $3.55

Part 1: Calculate the answer
Use long addition to calculate the answer.
- $3.55

Part 2: Estimate the answer
Estimate each addend to the correct place value and add.
In this problem, we round to the nearest dollar value.   $9.00
$9.02   rounds to
- $3.55  
rounds to   - $4.00
Answer   Estimate

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