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Here are some tips for Polygon Names, which aligns with Florida state standards:

Polygon Names

A polygon is a flat, closed figure with straight sides. The sides of polygon do not cross.
How can you tell if the figure is a closed figure?
When you trace a closed figure, you start and stop at the same point.
Polygon names tell us how many number of sides and angles the polygon has.
Except for triangle and quadrilateral, the first part of polygon names comes from Greek and Latin, and the second part of the polygon name is "gon".

Polygon Name Number of Sides Number of Angles Greek/Latin prefix
Triangle 3 3  tri means 3
Quadrilateral* 4 4  quad means 4
Pentagon 5 5  penta means 5
Hexagon 6 6  hex means 6
Heptagon 7 7  hept means 7
Octagon 8 8  oct means 8
Nonagon 9 9  non means 9
Decagon 10 10  dec means 10
Dodecagon 12 12  dodec means 12
*Quadrilateral means four sides in Latin.

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