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Here are some tips for Unit Cost, which aligns with Florida state standards:

Unit Cost

Unit cost is the cost per item.

When you are in a supermarket, you see many examples of unit cost.

Item Unit Cost
Apples$1.69 / lb
Spinach$1.49 / bunch
Milk$3.29 / gallon
Donuts$4.99 / dozen
Cereal$2.79 / box

Example 1: Calculating cost

1 pound of grapes costs $3. How much do 9 pounds of grapes cost?

Use the unit cost ($3/lb of grapes) to solve.
× 9 lb of grapes = × 9   lb = $3 × 9 = $27
At the unit cost of $3/lb of grapes, 9 pounds of grapes cost .

Example 2: Calculating number of units

You have $9. 1 magazine costs $2. How many magazines can you buy?

Use the unit cost ($2/magazine) to solve.
× $9 = 4.5 magazines
Since you cannot buy 0.5 magazines, round to the nearest whole number less than 4.5.
So you can only buy 4 magazines with $9 when the unit cost is $2/magazine.
The answer is

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