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Here are some tips for Fraction Word Problems 2, which aligns with Florida state standards:

Fraction Word Problems 2

You must know fraction multiplication and division to master this topic.
To review, see the Fraction Multiplication and Fraction Division topics.

Example 1:

Jose uses 71/2 cups of cashews to make 10 servings of a recipe. How many cups of cashews does each serving need?

7 1
÷ 10 servings =
 cups per serving
How do I know that I should divide?
The question asks about each serving. You can visualize the answer as cups per serving. If the answer appears to be something per something, that is a clue that you should probably divide.

Example 2:

Mary runs 2/3 mile each day for 7 days. How many miles did she run total?

 miles per day
* 7 days =
4 3
How do I know that I should multiply?
The question provides a rate and a time and then asks for a total, which is a big sign that you should multiply. Another way to look at this is by imagining how you see the answer. The answer just contains miles. It is not miles per something. Given that the answer is not per something, you should probably multiply.

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