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Triangular Prisms

A prism is a 3-D object where the end faces are 2 parallel congruent polygons. A triangular prism is a prism with triangle bases.

Volume (V) is the amount of space a three-dimensional (3-D) figure occupies. Volume is expressed in cubed units such as mm3, yd3, or ft3.

The volume formula for triangular prisms is Volume = Area of the triangle base × Length.

h = height
b = base
l = length
Volume = Area of the triangle base × length
V =
(base)(height) × length
bh × l

Example 1:

Find the volume of the triangular prisms given. Answer with proper units. To represent m3, use cu m. Sample answer: 5 cu m
volume =
V =
bh × l
(7 in)(6 in) × 5 in
  = 105 in3
The answer is volume =

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