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Here are some tips for Foil Method, which aligns with Florida state standards:

FOIL Method

The FOIL method is a way to multiply two binomials.
F irst - multiply the first terms from each binomial
O uter - multiply the outer terms from each binomial
I nner - multiply the inner terms from each binomial
L ast - multiply the last terms from each binomials


Solve (2x + y)(x + 5y).

1. Use the FOIL method to multiply the terms.
First +Outer +Inner +Last
2x2 +(2x)(5y) +xy +5y2

2. Combine like terms.
(2x + y)(x + 5y) = 2x2 + (2x)(5y) + xy + 5y2
  = 2x2 + 10xy + xy + 5y2
  = 2x2 + 11xy + 5y2

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