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Here are some tips for Integer Division, which aligns with Florida state standards:

Integer Division

The rules for integer division are the same as the rules for integer multiplication:
If there is an even number of negatives, the answer is positive.
If there is an odd number of negatives, the answer is negative.

Step 1: Determine the sign
The trick is to count how many negative numbers are in the equation. This tells us if the answer is positive or negative.
Example 1
-60 ÷ 5 ÷ 2 ÷ -3 ÷ -1
In this problem, there are 3 negative numbers. Since there is an odd number of negative numbers, the final answer is negative.

Step 2: Calculation
To calculate the answer, ignore the signs. Then add the correct sign to get the final answer.
continuing Example 1
To calculate -60 ÷ 5 ÷ 2 ÷ -3 ÷ -1, ignore the signs and solve:
    60 ÷ 5 ÷ 2 ÷ 3 ÷ 1 = 2
Since we know that the final answer is a negative number from Step 1, add the correct sign.
The final answer is -2.

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