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Restaurant Bills

To review the basics of sales tax, see here.

Whenever we eat at a sit-down restaurant, we pay sales tax on top of the cost of the food. We also pay a tip for the service we receive at the restaurant. Like sales tax, tip is calculated as a percentage of the cost of the food. You determine how much to tip. Generally, people tip between 10% and 20%.

Example 1:

Find the total costs asked for.
You buy $5 worth of food at a restaurant. The sales tax is 6.5% and you wish to tip 10%. What is the bill after tax, how much tip should you leave, and what is the total cost of everything after tip and tax? Bill after tax:
Tip owed:
Total bill:

Bill after tax = Cost of the food + Cost of the food × Sales tax percentage
  = $5 + ($5)(6.5%)
  = $5 + $0.33
  = $5.33
Tip owed = Cost of the food × Tip percentage
  = ($5)(10%)
  = $0.50
Total bill = Bill after tax + Tip owed
  = $5.33 + $0.50
  = $5.83
The answer is Bill after tax:
Tip owed:
Total bill:

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