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MathScore - Math for an iPad

If your school owns iPads, MathScore just might be a perfect fit for your needs. MathScore is a serious web-based math learning system that has been used in K-12 schools since 2004. We also have a completely free iPad app called Bubble Combo.

What is MathScore?

Developed by MIT graduates, MathScore is a web-based program that provides math practice with instant feedback and tutor-quality solution explanations for 1st grade through Algebra I. The intent of MathScore is to make every teacher's job easier by automating math practice with critical skills, enabling students to learn at a rapid, differentiated pace not possible using conventional methods. Powerful performance tracking tools keep teachers informed and can influence future teaching decisions.

MathScore Intro Video
MathScore Introduction (2:02)

All results are centrally stored on our servers. You won't have to install anything on your computers, not even your iPads, and there is no server for you to maintain. MathScore is not actually an "iPad app". Instead, MathScore automatically detects iPad users using the Safari web browser and provides a 100% iPad-compatible experience. Your students can also connect to MathScore using conventional computers from school, the library, and home with no compromises. This is possible because unlike most competitors, MathScore does not rely on any plug-ins, such as Flash.

Why MathScore Instead of Actual iPad Math Apps?

MathScore is a serious, research-based learning application that is proven to raise math test scores in a variety of K-12 environments. Rather than develop a new iPad app from scratch, we adjusted our existing program to become 100% compatible with the Safari web browser found on all iPads. By adopting MathScore, you are choosing a solid program that is accessible not only from iPads, but from all Internet-connected computers.

Although there can always be exceptions, typical iPad math apps are insufficient for serious K-12 education for the following reasons:

  • No teacher-specific experience to track progress of users.
  • Often too much of a game, focused on entertainment rather than serious learning.
  • So new to the market that there has not been time to statistically prove that these programs actually help.
  • Unless the students are allowed to take their iPads home, use from home is not possible.

Next Steps

"MathScore works."
- John Cradler, Educational Technology Expert
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