MathScore Users Rose from 45.2% Proficient to 83.3% Proficient
in an EETT Grant-funded Program in 2009

In Del Norte County, California, these results were achieved at Bess Maxwell School with their 4th and 5th graders. MathScore was used as a supplemental program approximately once per week. Although we've achieved significant test score increases at other schools in the past, even we were surprised by the degree that the MathScore students outperformed the control group at Bess Maxwell.

These students used MathScore at least 6 hours in the 2008-2009 school year. Most of them used it for 10 or more hours. Notice the steep increase in Advanced students. Also, the entire Below Basic band of students all rose to Basic or better.

These students either didn't use MathScore at all, or used it for less than 6 hours. Notice the steep decrease in advanced students and overall decrease in proficiency, from 57% down to 40%.
The graphs above were prepared by the external evaluator, Educational Support Systems

In this particular EETT grant study, particular attention was spent on quantifying the success of the overall program. The two graphs below were also prepared by the external evaluator, Educational Support Systems.

Sample of comments from participating students:

General Comments from teachers about student-reactions Examples of observed change in student learning shared by teachers:

The full EETT report is available upon request.

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