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In schools, MathScore® is typically used as a supplemental program, often used for 30-60 minutes per student per week. The supplemental nature of our program makes it easy for teachers to adopt MathScore because it does not disrupt the curriculum and does not force teachers to change their style. MathScore is research-based, already proven to raise test scores, aligns to the NCTM focal points, and can easily align to any state's standards.

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  • "MathScore is the best automated math tool I've ever seen. I can measurably observe my students' stellar effort and proficiency gains with ease."
    - Janette Leath, 5th grade teacher, Bishop Elementary School, Sunnyvale, CA

  • "I really like the MathScore program because it's continual learning, continual practice, and I've seen growth in every single one of my students... the cream of the crop, and those that really struggle. Everyone has made improvement"
    - Marivic Walch, 5th grade teacher, Bishop Elementary School

  • "Math Score is a phenomenal program. It improves student achievement in math and assists students in gaining proficiency toward meeting the required standards in mathematics. Students love the built in motivational factor which stimulates them to work and try harder to gain mastery in math. Sunnyvale Middle School students sing praises about this program. They wonder why they didn't have this in elementary school because they would be so much more advanced. We are fortunate to have this throughout our school this year and expect to see some significant rewards."
    - Frances Dampier, Principal, Sunnyvale Middle School

  • "On a typical weekend, we have 30 to 40 students logging into on their own time. When you have that kind of reaction from students, it's very important to nurture and support that enthusiasm, in order to help it grow."
    - Eric Panosian, Principal, Bishop Elementary School

  • "In accordance with No Child Left Behind, MathScore incorporates research-backed learning principles. Continuous feedback and built-in assessment tools enable students to learn efficiently, parents to remain involved with their children and teachers to easily and cost-effectively work with all of their students. MathScore works."
    - John Cradler, Educational Technology Expert

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"MathScore works."
- John Cradler, Educational Technology Expert
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