How to Log Into Your School Account

If you currently use MathScore at a school and you want to log into your account, you need to visit the correct website. The best way to find out where to go is to ask your school teacher for the correct address, which will look something
like this: http://[schoolname].[stateAbbreviation]

If you really want to get in now, it is OK to attempt to guess your website's name.

Special tip for students in the Philippines

We often use an acronym for the school name. For example, Imaginary School Academy in the Philippines might be

Also, if you can't figure it out, do not sign up for a family version account.

Tips for all other customers

The state abbreviation is used for all states except California, so would be a good guess if your school were called Lincoln Elementary and if it were in California. In Minnesota, however, you would guess

Also, for middle schools, sometimes we include "middle" in the address. For example, Lincoln Middle School might be

Every child has a unique username at each school. You need this username and password to log in, so if you don't know it, you will have to ask your school teacher for assistance.

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