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Florida 3rd Grade Math Topics Supported by MathScore

This is the order in which math topics are presented to our 3rd grade students in Florida. More difficult topics are found toward the bottom of this page. Our topics are aligned to state standards. Some of the topics listed may appear in earlier grades. This is because we carry over some of the more important topics from earlier grades to the later grades. You may view sample problems for every topic and lessons for many of them.

Fast Addition
Fast Addition Reverse
Fast Subtraction
Skip Counting
Skip Counting 2
Understanding Multiplication
Multiplication Facts Strategies
Fast Multiplication
Fast Multiplication Reverse
Inverse Equations 1
Inverse Equations 2
Basic Word Problems
Basic Word Problems 2
Arithmetic Word Problems
Odd or Even
Odd or Even Theory
Commutative Property 1
Commutative Property 2
Associative Property 1
Basic Distributive Property
Missing Term
Missing Factor
Place Value
Number Comparison
Order Numbers
Order Large Numbers
Rounding Numbers
Addition Grouping
Long Addition
Estimated Addition
Money Addition
Long Subtraction
Estimated Subtraction
Money Subtraction
Multiplication By One Digit
Long Division By One Digit
Division with Remainders
Counting Money
Making Change
Unit Cost
Fraction Pictures
Congruent And Similar Triangles
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Compare Rectangle Area and Perimeter
Polygon Names
Ordered Pairs
Telling Time
Time Intervals
Mean, Median, Mode
Tally and Pictographs
Bar Graphs
Line Graphs
Patterns: Shapes
Patterns: Numbers
Function Tables