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Distance, Rate, and Time

This topic covers the conc epts of distance, rate, and time and how they relate. You may need pencil and paper.

Sample Problems for Distance, Rate, and TimeLesson for Distance, Rate, and Time

This topic aligns to the following state standards

Grade 8: Num 1. Knows the appropriate operations to solve real-world problems involving integers, ratios, rates, proportions, numbers expressed as percents, decimals, and fractions.
Grade 7: Meas 2. Develops and uses the distance formula in solving real-world problems (d = rt).
Grade 7: Alg 3. Given an algebraic equation or expression of a real-world application, substitutes integral values for variables and simplifies the results.
Grade 8: Meas 1. Applies formulas for finding rates, distance, time and angle measures.
Grade 9: Meas 2. solves real-world problems involving rated measures (miles per hour, feet per second)

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