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Bar Graphs

Interpret data presented in graphs.

Sample Problems for Bar GraphsLesson for Bar Graphs

This topic aligns to the following state standards

Grade 1: 1.S.7 Answer simple questions related to data displayed in pictographs (e.g., category with most, how many more in a category compared to another, how many all together in two categories)
Grade 2: 2.S.4 Compare and interpret data in terms of describing quantity (similarity or differences)
Grade 3: 3.S.4 Identify the parts of pictographs and bar graphs
Grade 3: 3.S.7 Read and interpret data in bar graphs and pictographs
Grade 6: 6.CM.11 Decode and comprehend mathematical visuals and symbols to construct meaning
Grade 6: 6.S.7 Read and interpret graphs
Grade 7: 7.CM.11 Draw conclusions about mathematical ideas through decoding, comprehension, and interpretation of mathematical visuals, symbols, and technical writing
Grade 7: 7.S.6 Read and interpret data represented graphically (pictograph, bar graph, histogram, line graph, double line/bar graphs or circle graph)

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