Math Practice Topic: Algebraic Sentences

Description: Given a word problem, write a corresponding algebraic sentence.

Adaptive Learning Progression: Starts with expressions, then moves to equations.

Sample Levels (out of 6)

Write an algebraic expression or equation you would use to solve the situation given.

A deck of cards costs f dollars.
If Sharon bought 9 decks of cards, how much did she spend?
There are 10 times as many children as babies at a party.
If there are b babies, how many children are there?

Write an algebraic equation that represents the situation given.

Miguel is m years old.
Miguel is 7 years younger than one-tenth Jose's age ( j ).
The number of adults ( a ) is 9 more than one-fifth the number of children ( c ).
To rent a scooter, there is a fee of $11 plus an hourly rate of $2 per hour.
To rent a scooter for r hours, Peter spent $31.
The number of dogs ( d ) is 5 more than 7 times the number of cats ( c ).

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