Math Practice Topic: Algebraic Sentences

Description: Given a word problem, write a corresponding algebraic sentence.

Adaptive Learning Progression: Starts with expressions, then moves to equations.

Sample Levels (out of 6)

Write an algebraic sentence using the given information. Use / for division. If money is involved, do not put $ in your answer.

There are twice as many adults as babies at a party.
If there are b babies, how many adults are there?
Miguel is 4 years younger than Cindy.
If Cindy is c years old, how old is Miguel?

Write an algebraic equation that represents the situation given.

Pearl is p years old.
Pearl is 6 years younger than half Jose's age ( j ).
The number of cucumbers ( c ) is 3 more than twice the number of turnips ( t ).
The number of lollipops ( x ) is 8 more than one-sixth the number of licorice sticks ( y ).
To rent a moped, there is a fee of $35 plus an hourly rate of $6 per hour.
To rent a moped for p hours, John spent $89.

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