Math Practice Topic: Integers In Context

Description: Understand positive and negative numbers in real-world context.

Adaptive Learning Progression: Starts with basic use of integers, then applies them.

Sample Levels (out of 4)

Represent the scenarios as integers.

A. You did not deposit or withdraw from your bank account.
B. You withdrew $23 from your bank account.
C. You deposited $35 in your bank account. A.

Answer the questions.

A scuba diver sees a sea lion 4 meters below the
water's surface and a coral reef 8 meters below
the water's surface.

A. Write a sentence that compares the two depths.
B. Which one is deeper?
       sea lion        coral reef
In a department store, the arcade is 3 floors
below ground level and the rug gallery is 3
floors above ground level.

A. Write a sentence that compares the two floor levels.
B. Which one is on a lower floor?
       rug gallery        arcade
Stocks AAA and BOOM are the same price at the
beginning of the day. By the end of the day, AAA
lost 2 points and BOOM gained 5 points.

A. Write a sentence that compares the changes in stock prices.
B. Which stock is lower in price?
       BOOM        AAA
On a winter day, the temperature was 21°
below zero in Cleveland, Ohio and 25° below
zero in Des Moines, Iowa.

A. Write a sentence that compares the two temperatures.
B. Which city is warmer?
       Des Moines, Iowa        Cleveland, Ohio

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