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Actively developed by MIT graduates since 2003, MathScore is a research-based, adaptive, supplemental learning program for Kindergarten through Geometry. It is appropriate for institutions of any size as well as individual families. It contains all of the major components you would expect in a complete learning system, such as assessments, standards-aligned math topics, lessons, detailed progress tracking, and high-level reports. Although MathScore is a very serious learning program, our clever use of games-based rewards keep students motivated. MathScore is proven to raise test scores and has been used by over 100,000 students.

What is special about MathScore that I can't get anywhere else?

  • Highly adaptive practice environment - because we dynamically generate all of our problems, we can precisely adapt difficulty based on speed and accuracy.

    Here are some examples of what makes our adaptive technology special:

    • MathScore takes speed into account. If you finish a worksheet quickly, MathScore will quickly make things harder so that you do not waste your time on stuff that is too easy. Similarly, if accuracy drops considerably, MathScore makes things easier. Most competing products do not take speed into account.
    • Each practice module in MathScore is adaptive. For example, for Long Addition, we might start with 2-digit addition and adapt toward 4-digit addition. For Understanding Multiplication, we will start with concrete visuals and adapt to abstract representations. The effect is an experience where your progress within a topic (your rating) actual doubles as an extremely accurate assessment of your competence with that skill. Competing products cannot do this. For example, in the case of Long Addition, competing products provide separate 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit modules. The difficulty within these modules never changes.
    Taking these factors into account, what does a competing product really mean when they claim to be adaptive? Here is what they might do:

    • Based on the results of an assessment (which might be adaptive), they automatically recommend practice content. Practically everybody can do this, and we are no exception.
    • After completing a practice module, they recommend another practice module. That is pretty obvious, and we do that too.
    In our opinion, most competing products are hardly adaptive at all. The real moment when you learn is when you practice, and that is precisely the occasion where MathScore's adaptive nature shines, and nearly everybody else simply does not adapt.
  • Math facts practice is integrated and free. To our knowledge, we are the only serious learning platform that enforces a time limit. How can you say a student is proficient with math facts if you do not enforce a time limit? We believe you can't.
  • We created EduFighter, quite possibly the world's only team-based, real-time math game that requires real strategic decisions and supports up to 8 simultaneous players. Because the game is so fun, it motivates students to hone their basic computation skills, especially with fractions.
  • We created what might be the world's first online fill-in-the-blank geometry proof engine. In general, geometry proofs give students the most difficulty because they do not have enough practice problems available to master the concepts. Using some very complex algorithms, we've generated over 1000 unique proof problems. Finally, adequate practice is now available!
  • Time-limited free trials do not exist with MathScore Freemium. Instead, you have free access forever for all of our assessments, our math facts practice topics, and a few math topics at every grade level. You would only upgrade to paid access after you've seen success with your students.
  • Our custom course feature allows you to completely customize the order in which your students use our math topics.
  • Want to create a nicely formatted math test in a few minutes? Our custom test feature can save teachers many hours of effort.
  • If your students have limited online access, our printable worksheet feature is the perfect way to supplement your students. Imagine being able to print out an infinite number of randomized worksheets for over 300 distinct math topics!

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Counting objects, comparing numbers, identifying shapes, and more.
Understanding addition, understanding equality, basic addition to 100, and more.
Understanding addition, understanding equality, basic addition to 100, and more.
Understanding multiplication, missing factor, fraction pictures, and more.
Factoring, prime numbers, fraction equivalence, line plots, and more.
Relative place value, fraction word problems, rectangular solids, and more.
Ratios, integers, number line inequalities, trapezoids, and more.
Integer addition, identifying angles, probability, and more.
Scientific notation, repeating decimals, exponent rules, and more.
Graphs to linear equations, system of equations, quadratic formula, and more.
Powerful, fill-in-the-blank geometry proof engine.

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