MathScore is Research-Based® applies mastery-based learning principles to enable students to learn math efficiently. Benjamin Bloom pioneered this approach with his Learning for Mastery model, with refinements made by Block. See for more information. The philosophy behind mastery-based learning is the belief that you must truly master each foundational skill before moving onto the more advanced concepts that apply it. As a simple example, you should not learn long multiplication until you have first memorized your multiplication math facts. Applied in a MathScore context, our practice topics systematically build up mastery with a progression of carefully designed levels.

One aspect of mastery based learning that we apply consistently is a concept called "scaffolding". For example, our Fraction Simplification topic focuses on how to simplify a variety of fractions, including mixed fractions and improper fractions. When a student makes a mistake, we display a nice step-by-step explanation for how to properly simplify that fraction. However, when the student works on our Fraction Addition topic and makes a mistake, our solution explanation assumes that the student knows how to simplify fractions. Therefore, in the solution explanation, we don't show the steps for how to simplify a fraction; we simply focus on the steps for adding fractions and we display fraction simplification as one step without showing the details. That's the essence of scaffolding - we remove the support steps for fraction simplification because we assume that the student is now self-reliant in that skill.

"In accordance with No Child Left Behind, MathScore incorporates research-backed learning principles. Continuous feedback and built-in assessment tools enable students to learn efficiently, parents to remain involved with their children and teachers to easily and cost-effectively work with all of their students. MathScore works."
- John Cradler, Educational Technology Expert
MathScore Users Rose from 45.2% Proficient to 83.3% Proficient in an EETT Grant-funded Program in 2009

More important than our research basis is the fact that MathScore is academically effective. You can find some testimonials here.

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