Core Skills Assessment

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The Core Skills Assessment is designed to diagnose strengths and weaknesses for the most important computational skills found in grades 1 through 7, with an emphasis on skills spanning grades 3 through 7. This assessment is an excellent predictor of future Algebra readiness and can be completed by most students within 10-30 minutes. The Core Skills Assessment is very often used by math intervention instructors.
After completing this assessment, the results for an individual student look like this:

Anything in red font shows an urgent weakness, which is based on the student's registered grade level. The approximate grade level of each skill is listed as a number on the left side of each skill description.

Upon completing the Core Skills Assessment, automated topic recommendations will become available if the student visits the Core Skills tab within the topics menu. The recommendations will be based not only on the results of the assessment, but also based on math topics the student has already mastered within MathScore.

Results for an assessment can be seen on a group level. Given that this assessment was conducted at the beginning of a school year, it comes as no surprise that there is a sea of red, indicating lots of weaknesses. The hope, of course, is that the group will make significant gains throughout the school year.

After you take multiple assessments, you can graph the results as seen here. This graph definitely suggests success on a group level. If you were to click on a student's name within the live system, you would be able to see that student's scores appear on the graph as well, making it easy to compare one student's scores with the class average.

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