MathScore Testimonials

We are proud that our customers often report significant performance gains:

  • As individuals most of the students in the 7th grade class achieved 1.5 years of progress and jumped at least one band over their previous years STAR test scores. All of the student achieved more progress than we had hoped for, resource students through high achievers all showed exceptional improvement. This same group students are now enjoying a third year on Mathscore, they have developed a positive culture of achievement due to their success achieved using MathScore. As new students join their class group, the students are eager to instruct their new classmates on the finer points of using MathScore to build their math skill competencies.

    We have since expanded our use of MathScore to our 4th through 8th grades and remedial high school remedial/intensive math support classes, with similar results.

    Michael Blower, Charter Academy of the Redwoods

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  • We plan on the intervention taking 2 trimesters - 24 weeks, if a student works 5 days a week, 20-30 minutes a day (depending on grade level). Students have finished much sooner than this, depending on need. We have seen students blossom, gaining two entire grade levels of skills in that time, testing out of the program on grade level. They report back to us that math is no longer the dreaded "put it off until last" subject. Now, it's the one they want to do first. They use MathScore as a warm-up to their day. They love to see how many points they can get, and what the highest rank they can achieve will be. They (and their parents) like that they can check the time they've spent in practicing, and are often amazed at how many problems they can complete in such a short amount of time. The inclusion of Khan Academy videos for instruction is also genius. We've had parents report back to us, asking if we can turn OFF the videos, because they've discovered their kids spending so much time watching them!

    I could not ask for a better program than MathScore. It's easy to understand and to navigate. It allows for all parties involved (students, teachers, parents) to keep track of what's going on. It allows students to feel supported and experience success in math. It allows for endless customization and flux of skills and grade levels. I have and will continue to recommend MathScore to schools, homeschoolers, and anyone needing to brush up on their skills.

    Lindsey Foulkes, Colorado Calvert Academy

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  • "We have been using this wonderful program for several years now. In the last three years that we have used mathscore school wide, we have seen a 20% gain in percentile rank for grades 3-7 on our NWEA tests. The classes that used it the most are the classes that showed the greatest gains. Our 6th and 7th grade teachers who had the largest gains this year are convinced that the reason their students showed the most growth is because of mathscore.

    As a result of getting new computers this year (many coming in the second half of the year) we have been able to double the amount of mathscore time students receive in class. As a result our school percentile ranking average gain this year more than doubled last year's gain (with our top mathscore classes outscoring the other classes in our school by a wide margin). At the end of our school year we finally had all of our classes running close to each other. I am excited to see what a full year at this pace will produce when we take our tests next spring.

    I would also like to thank Steven Yang for always being there to help us with any issues we have encountered with service that is second to none."

    Steve Sremac, Lead Teacher, Goethe Elementary School, Chicago

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  • "I may have told you this, but my kids took their Mid-Winter Assessment (MAP test) and everyone's math score went up. One of the things I found most interesting was my four "intensive" kids all raised their scores by 10 points or more. It seems to me that the lowest kids in math are flying with this program. Everyone who is working at mathscore (the company) is making a difference in the lives of these kids. We are having great successes at Robert Gray."

    Joe Fagerstedt

  • "Mathscore has dramatically helped to improve not only our students' foundational skills but also supplement and reinforce grade level concepts. Mathscore is user friendly both for students and teachers. The reports generated allow teachers to see where students are still weak and therefore can accommodate those needs within the classroom. It allows for individualized differentiation specific for each student that would otherwise be extremely challenging in a classroom.

    Another key component of Mathscore is that is has allowed transparent communication with parents. By using the e-mail function any parent with e-mail access can receive daily or weekly reports of their child's progress. It has deepened the discussions between teachers, parents, and students by providing a common language and easy-to-read reports. Parents are now able to monitor student progress from home, which has increased their knowledge and involvement in their child's learning.

    Students enjoy the game-like dynamics of Mathscore, always attempting to accumulate points (which they receive for mastery of objectives) in order to obtain a higher rank. Students are able to track their own learning and teachers have easy access to breakdown of student data, class data, and even specific topic data. It easily allows students to take ownership over their own learning and to progress at an individualized pace without an abundance of extra work for the teachers."

    - Blair Heiser, CIS 339, Bronx, NY

    For the full testimonial from CIS 339, click here

  • "Our site is very interested in the Math Score program. The 18 case-study students we used last year during the free trial had an exceptional jump in STAR scores. In fact 16 of the 18 advanced an entire level, together they accumulated a 666 point increase. The most amazing thing to me was the increased motivation the program gave students. I have never seen students more excited to complete math problems. Our math teachers are sold out on this program and will do anything to get it. I believe in this program and would like to see every student at our school eventually participating in this program."

    Nick Stever, Daniel J. Savage Middle School, Modesto, CA

  • "I just wanted to write a letter and tell you how pleased I am with your product. I teach 7th grade, basic math. It is a very difficult year of math for the basic students. Many of them come to 7th grade and still count on their fingers to add. Even if they know how to do a process, the computation is incorrect much of the time. Since we must teach grade level standards, there is not time to address any gaps in their mathematical understanding, including not knowing math facts. This is where Math Score comes in to save the day.

    We only used Math Score for about three months last year. For the most part, students used it at home for at least one hour/week. When our standardized test scores came back in August, I was very pleasantly surprised. I am sending copies of those scores, with the student names blocked out for privacy, but you will easily see the tremendous gains made by my students. I believe this was due mostly to the work the students did on Math Score as I've never had such remarkable test score increases before. The 7th graders came to me mostly at basic or below basic and when they left 7th grade, 51% were proficient or advanced!"

    Jann Spallina, Ustach Middle School, Modesto, CA

  • MathScore Users Rose from 45.2% Proficient to 83.3% Proficient in an EETT Grant-funded Program in 2009

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