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Click on any of the topics below to see some sample problems produced by our system. Skills are listed in order of prerequisite, so the most advanced math practice topics will appear at the bottom.

Critical Thinking SkillsBasic Computation Skills
Our critical thinking topics focus on understanding concepts, problem solving in real world situations, and measurement.

Counting Objects
Counting Objects 2
Count Out Squares
Number Comparison To 10
Add Within 5
Subtract Within 5
Understanding 11 to 19
Basic Graphs
Geometric Shapes
Understanding Addition
Understanding Subtraction
Basic Word Problems
Multi-Part Addition Word Problems
Understanding Equality
Counting Squares to 100
Counting to 100
Counting to 120
Number Comparison to 100
Basic Telling Time
Understanding Odd or Even
Understanding Multiplication
Counting Squares
Place Value to 1000
Number Comparison to 1000
Basic Length Word Problems
Telling Time
Telling Time 2
Bar Graphs
Geometric Shapes 2
Geometric Solids
Understanding Division
Compare Expressions
Basic Word Problems 2
Arithmetic Word Problems
Telling Time 3
Time Intervals
Counting Money
Money Problems
Making Change
Making Change 2
Odd or Even Theory
Place Value
Relative Place Value
Number Comparison
Order Numbers to 1000
Order Numbers
Order Large Numbers
Compare Integers
Estimated Addition
Estimated Subtraction
Estimated Multiplication
Word Problems With Remainders
Estimated Division
Estimated Multiply Divide Word Problems
Money Addition
Money Subtraction
Unit Cost
Decimal Place Value
Compare Decimals
Order Decimals
Patterns: Shapes
Patterns: Numbers
Tally and Pictographs
Line Graphs
Estimating Square Roots
Basic Fraction Comparison
Fraction Comparison
Fraction Parts
Fraction Number Line
Fraction Equivalence
Fraction Equivalence 2
Fraction Pictures
Basic Fraction Word Problems
Basic Fraction Multiplication
Basic Fraction Word Problems 2
Basic Fraction Division
Basic Fraction Word Problems 3
Fraction Word Problems
Fraction Word Problems 2
Unit Rates With Fractions
Proportions 2
Positive Number Line
Compare Mixed Values
Number Line
Compare Mixed Values 2
Percentage Pictures
Purchases At Stores
Restaurant Bills
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Continuous Compound Interest
Distance, Rate, and Time
Distance Conversion
Time Conversion
Volume Conversion
Weight Conversion
Temperature Conversion
Area and Volume Conversions
Distance Conversion Metric
Volume Conversion Metric
Mass Conversion
Area and Volume Conversions Metric
Function Tables
Function Tables 2
Polygon Names
Quadrilateral Types
Triangle Types
Congruent And Similar Triangles
Parallelogram Area
Compare Rectangle Area and Perimeter
Triangle Area
Triangle Area 2
Circle Measurements
Circle Circumference
Circle Area
Perimeter and Area Word Problems
Perimeter and Area of Composite Figures
Identifying Angles
Angle Measurements
Angle Measurements 2
Triangle Angles
Triangle Angles 2
Quadrilateral Angles
Solving For Angles
Rectangular Solids
Rectangular Solids 2
Triangular Prisms
Area And Volume Proportions
Pythagorean Theorem
Mean, Median, Mode
Batting Averages
Stem And Leaf Plots
Probability 2
Object Picking Probability
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Ordered Pairs
Translations and Reflections
Line Segments
Transformations 2
Introduction to Integers
Integers In Context
Integer Number Line Operations
Integer Equivalence
Integers In Word Problems
Algebraic Terms
Phrases to Algebraic Expressions
Algebraic Sentences
Algebraic Sentences 2
Algebraic Word Problems
Independent and Dependent Variables
Determining Slope
Supporting Ramps
Applied Linear Equations 1
Applied Linear Equations 2
Quadratic Graph Zeros
Integer Word Problems
System of Linear Graphs
Age Problems
Mixture Word Problems
Work Word Problems
Completing the Square
Completing the Square for the Vertex
Irregular Shape Areas
Train Problems
Domain and Range

Our basic computation skills focus on number crunching and also algebraic manipulation.

Picture Problems
Relative Positions
2D and 3D
Analyze and Compare Shapes
Commutative Property 1
Subtraction in Terms of Addition
Associative Property 1
Addition Grouping
Fast Addition
Fast Addition Reverse
Fast Subtraction
Mixed Addition and Subtraction
Missing Term
Basic Addition to 100
Mental Addition and Subtraction to 100
Basic Subtraction to 100
Halves and Quarters
Skip Counting
Skip Counting 2
Long Addition to 100
Long Subtraction to 100
Add Four Numbers
Basic Addition to 1000
Long Addition to 1000
Basic Subtraction to 1000
Long Subtraction to 1000
Mental Addition and Subtraction
Number Line Add Subtract
Halves Thirds and Quarters
Beginner Multiplication
Multiplication Facts Strategies
Fast Multiplication
Fast Multiplication Reverse
Multiply By Multiples Of 10
Fast Division
Missing Factor
Missing Operator
Inverse Equations 1
Inverse Equations 2
Commutative Property 2
Associative Property 2
Basic Distributive Property
Distributive Property
Odd or Even
Using Parentheses
Rounding Numbers
Rounding Large Numbers
Long Addition
Long Subtraction
Multiplication By One Digit
Long Multiplication
Long Division By One Digit
Division with Remainders
Long Division
Long Division with Remainders
Exponents: Powers of 10
Money Multiplication
Money Division
Decimal Rounding to .01
Decimal Rounding
Basic Decimal Addition
Decimal Addition
Basic Decimal Subtraction
Decimal Subtraction
Basic Decimal Multiplication
Decimal Multiplication
Basic Decimal Division
Small Decimal Division
Decimal Division
Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10
Greatest Common Factor
Least Common Multiple
Divisibility Rules
Prime Numbers
Prime Factoring
Prime Factoring 2
Perfect Squares
Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation 2
Basic Fractions As Decimals
Basic Fraction Simplification
Fraction Simplification
Basic Fraction Addition
Basic Fraction Subtraction
Fraction Addition
Fraction Subtraction
Fraction Multiplication
Fraction Division
Proportions 1
Fractions to Decimals
Decimals To Fractions
Fractions Decimals Percents
Repeating Decimals
Percent of Quantity
Percentage Change
Intersection and Union
Polygon Angles
Arcs and Sectors
Integer Addition
Positive Integer Subtraction
Integer Subtraction
Integer Multiplication
Integer Division
Distributive Property 2
Order Of Operations
Absolute Value 1
Absolute Value 2
Variable Substitution
Exponent Basics
Variable Substitution 2
Exponents Of Fractional Bases
Exponent Rules For Fractions
Negative Exponents Of Fractional Bases
Multiplying and Dividing Exponent Expressions
Simplifying Radical Expressions
Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions
Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions
Roots Of Exponential Expressions
Simplifying Radical Fractions
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 2
Linear Equations
Single Variable Equations
Single Variable Equations 2
Single Variable Equations 3
Two Variable Equations
Single Variable Inequalities
Number Line Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations
Graphs to Linear Equations
Graphs to Linear Equations 2
Graphs to Linear Inequalities
Foil Method
Trinomial Factoring
Binomial Fraction Simplification
Polynomial Fraction Simplification
Quadratic Zero Equations
Quadratic Formula
Quadratic X-Intercepts
System of Linear Inequality Graphs
System of Equations Substitution
System of Equations Addition
Nonlinear Functions

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